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Living Heroes

5 Living Heroes
Avery Smith

Bill Harris: At Islander Middle School, Bill could be found walking through the halls picking up trash and making sure no one ran too fast. Bill also worked with the busses so that everyone could get to school on time. He was always nice and would ask how our days went and how the school year was going. His kindness to everyone that he met makes him an everyday hero.

Bill Nye: Bill Nye the Science Guy doesn’t just do shows for young kids, he explains how science can

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Third hero --Gail Cribbs

My third hero is my sister in law Janeel. She had been the primary caregiver for my brother, keeping him home doing everything for him until last year. In reality the sacrifices she made personally to keep him at home were above and beyond. Her love and dedication and strength are amazing, and a true tribute to the strength of love.

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Final hero's

My final hero is a group of people that I look at and realize have common traits. These people are: Jan E, Linda w and Jane C. These women have all lost their partners, the love of their life to a horrible disease cancer. The grace, strength and resolve that all three of these women had during the illness' leaves me in awe. The strength to continue with life after losing their partners is something that I look to as a source of strength and inspiration and something that let's me put life strugg

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One of my favorite hero's is my son Steve. Steve was one of those kids that seemed to fight growing up, you know the kind, bright, but bored, he was always testing the limits and did not seem to get the messages.

Today he is one of the most focused, driven, responsible and generous people I know. He is so very patient with his children and step children (which he has 3), is always there to help a friend and/or family. I look at all that he takes on his shoulders and the strength and focus that

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My patients and their familiesI see a whole host of heroes in my job everyday. I feel lucky about that. Having a front row seat on life is not something that everyone is fortunate enough to experience, and I feel lucky to experience it everyday. I can't mention names or exact situations without breaking a number of privacy laws, so I broadly tribute the lovely and brave patients and their families that stick with me even after they are gone.They face the most dire of circumstances with hope.They
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Focus and Martial Arts


Focus and TKD

I am always being asked how I got started with TKD and each time I have to laugh when explaining it. You see, I never in a million years thought it was something I would like or even try. If my son had not applied the magical little boy peer pressure, I would proba

bly never had taken that first class. But one day I found myself out on the mat during a family class and when it was over, I realized I had enjoyed myself.

But the reason I have kept with it is the more interesting point.

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Back-to-school-safety-safety.jpgWith back to school coming up quickly, I believe it is a great time to refresh or address safety tips and plans with the kids.  So, I am going to post about several of the things I try to cover with the kids I teach each year.   

"In 2010, one-fifth (19%) of all children 5-9 who were killed in traffic crashes were pedestrians."  Source:  Traffic safety facts:  Pedestrians, NHTSA 2012

Here are some ideas, and please chime in with more.   Do the walk to the bus, or school with your kid at least

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Our After School Program is a intentionally designed, experiential learning program focused on:

1.  Athletics/fitness:   More than the valuable skills of Korean martial arts --   we teach yoga, flexibility, parkour, tricking, and build all round speed, agility, and strength through our classes, games, and activities.   

2.  Scholarship:   We build a positive system to reinforce the importance of education, life long education.   In addition to teaching homework and study skills, we encourage a

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           noun: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success...

If the most important thing in martial arts is respect, the second must be perseverance. As I sit here in my big arm chair with my knee propped up with an ice pack on it, I am reminded again that the road to a black belt is often long and filled with many obstacles. I wanted to share some of my experiences to date, to help others when they face their own hurdles.

My first real challeng

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3820645942?profile=originalWe are getting ready for the 2014-2015 school year, so I was reviewing some of the literature I have stored up to use in our curriculum.  And came across information on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  I haven't quite figured out how to use this with the kids directly, but thought a blog post was in order.   Such an interesting and powerful document.  In the wake of abducted girls, and public executions I thought this was particularly poignant to review.

You can find the full documen

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Announcements, May 28, 2014


End of the school year party from 4-7pm, Friday June 13.  This party is open to everyone it will be tons of fun and it's free! 

Our world famous Demo Team is in popular demand! We have two demos scheduled for June! One on Friday, June 13 at Mercer Island Martial Arts during our end of the year school party at 5pm.  The second one is scheduled for Saturday, June 14 at 1pm at the Shorewood Heights Apartments.  Sorry, for the 2 days in a row we have been trying to schedule a demo with Shorewood

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fe97cec963a163d2c502e261debc6a92.jpgSo many, more eloquently than I will, are writing upon the death of Maya Angelou.   For me, she has been a role model, a lighthouse, a trusted advisor -- an inspiration.  She has kept me company through the darkest of days, and taught me how to hold my head, and stand up, and to celebrate.   How to honor my ancestors, believe in the possibilities of today, and to invest in future generations.  She has taught me how to keep my feet on the ground, and  to continue to rise.   I am so grateful for

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How exciting is it for us to be able to watch, participate, and support in the development of these martial artists.  The students in the picture range in age from 9 to 58 years old. Ranks represented are from red belt through 5th degree black belt.  Most are from Mercer Island, but some come from Seattle, Bellevue, Newcastle, Shoreline, Kent, and Everett.  Pictured are individuals who have trained from 3 years, to over 30 years.   The combined years of training represented in this photo is so

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