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My weekly push for 2nd Dan by CGN Eric Sams

3820638199?profile=originalGreetings everyone, its been a couple of weeks since I wrote here. Been a little busy with work and life and such. 

 I wanted to say that I have enjoyed training a lot lately. I am working hard on moving forward with my training, and still feel very motivated. Thank you so much to SBN Strongheart for the things you shared with me tonight, that was very helpful. I will put that to good use.

I enjoyed tonight's class. I have been having a great deal of fun at class the last couple of months. I can h

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My weekly push for 2nd Dan (week 5)

Hello, I spent the last week sick with the flu. Man was that a drag, the only thing good that came from being sick was that I lost some more weight. I am down to 214lbs. now. Now it is time to build  muscle

I had a good time in class Thursday, I wanted to do more, but baby steps right now.

I will do more next week.  See you in class!

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Weekly blog about my push for 2nd dan.

Hi, my name is Eric Sams, I am a 1st degree black belt at Mercer Island Martial Arts. I am writing a blog once a week for the next thirteen months until I test for my 2nd degree black belt. The reason behind me writing these blogs is to chronicle my journey to the next step in my training. I will post once a week at least. These will not be books, they may only be a few sentences or a few paragraphs, but they will be what I am going through that week.
I am a little sore from class last night, I
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