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2022 Community PTA Partner Award

10499321683?profile=RESIZE_710xWe are very honored to receive the Mercer Island PTA Community Partner Award.  This award recognizes a local Island business or organization that goes above and beyond standard expectations to help and facilitate local units, school programs and helps build a cooperative relationship between students, schools and community.




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You didn’t start your study of the martial arts to “go through the motions” of it all, did you? Of course you didn’t, but look around you in your next class and I’ll bet you spot a number of your classmates doing that very thing, going through the motions. It’s human nature to get distracted, to multi-task, and wander off course.

To deepen and strengthen your practice so that you stay on the mark and make reasonable progress, I offer you these 10 time-tested tips from Tom Callos:

1. As often as

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Positive Psychology – A New Field with a Literary Past

A refreshing change occurring in this field is positive psychology. “Positive psychology is an umbrella term for the study of positive emotions, positive character traits, and enabling institutions” (Seligman et al., American Psychologist, 2005).

Six virtues established by positive psychology are: wisdom and knowledge, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence. These virtues are not new. In his utopian work The Republic, Plat

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What would you do to make a difference?

Hello all,

I am excited to now be working towards my black belt. Time to structure and execute on a project that gives back to the community as part of that training. I have some ideas, but I am sure there are many great ideas that I haven't considered. Anyone like to share your ideas of great projects? I'd love to hear them! --Jan
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