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Leadership Project Hours Outside of MIMA 


I performed my leadership hours with the organization called Eastside Baby Corner (EBC). EBC provides children aged 0-12 years with clothes, diapers, formula, car seats, strollers, toys, and so much more. EBC supplies these items to families "...experiencing the stresses of economic insecurity, systemic inequities, or family disruption." EBC also partners with school districts and various health and human service organizations to provide school supplies and other life necessities. I chose to volunteer with this organization because of its mission regarding systemic inequities and family disruptions which could be anything from immigration issues to incarceration issues. That mission aligns with my personal values and my desire to continue working with populations effected by those issues as I transition into nursing in 2024. I plan on pursuing community health with a fiery passion as I believe that a majority of health issues could be prevented by equitable and equal access to healthcare. Although EBC is not directly healthcare, I think it speaks to population health in a big way. By providing the basic things like baby formula/food and clothing or blankets, EBC is indirectly addressing healthcare disparities e.g., undernutrition in school aged children. Undernutrition is a big cause of children underperforming in school; it can lead to delayed social-emotion development and many "benign" issues like dental caries. As much as a socially awkward child or a child with a cavity or two may seem like "part of growing up", sometimes it isn't such a commonalty. Something as simple as having enough to eat can change a child's world. That's what EBC is about. Bringing every child to the table so that they can all receive the care they need. I'm immensely proud to have worked with EBC. 

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