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hello-1769.jpg?width=150Hello!!  For those of you I haven't met yet, I'm Claudia Vlcek.  I'm a second degree black belt who's been involved with Martial Arts for 26 years.  I love everything about taekwondo and have a ferocious hunger for knowledge, learning, and answers.  

question+mark.jpg?width=275With that being said feel free to email me with any questions and/or comments about Mercer Island Martial Arts.  Or if there is someone/ something involved with the dojang that you would like to know more about.
For instance, recently you've probably seen a smiling, positive yellow stripped blonde in the lobby, assisting or taking classes.  Her name is Jido Jessica Merly.   

Jido Merly has known about M.I.M.A. for years, but has finally decided to commit to goals of achieving her black belt by immersing herself within the Martial Arts culture, and training.  

I asked her these questions...

 1)  Jido Merly, what made you get involved with Martial Arts?
I was encouraged by an instructor from M.I.M.A to try a class.  I was very nervous because I had a horrible past experience with martial arts.  I'm super happy i did give it a try because I enjoy working out in a group setting, there is so much energy, and after the first fun class I felt so energized.

 2)  Besides black belt, do you have any goals you are currently working on?
I consider myself a very ambitious person, i strive to do my best in every endeavor I'm involved with.  Recently, i did a 5k fun run, and i'd like to join in more runs and walks, but quite frankly my primary focus is receiving my black belt.

3)  Favorite Martial Arts kick or activity?
Ooooh that's a tough question...I love all kicking.

 4)  Favorite book?
I love to read; I read all the time.  My favorite book from childhood is Alice in Wonderland, a brave little girl who fights for good.

 5)  Someone who inspires you?
Different people inspire me for different reasons, but my number one would have to be my family.  They surround me with love, compassion, support and values.  The list of positive adjectives is never ending.

 6)  What keeps you motivated?
Connections with people, being and living in the moment.

 7)  What is your power song?
Who You Are by Jessie J

8)  5 words that describe you?
Creative, Passionate, Energetic, Patient, Genuine


I hope you enjoyed learning something new about someone in the school.  Share your questions with me and remember BE RESPECTFUL, BE POSITIVE, AND KEEP KICKING ---  respectfully, Kyo Sa Nim Vlcek

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  • Kenny, those are excellent questions!  I'd like to address them when i interview one of the masters.  P.S.  I'm really excited that you have many more questions.

  • KSN,

    I have so many questions! I'll start with something that has confused me for a long time, which is the different forms we study. I really have two main questions, where do they come from and what should be thinking about when learning them?

    When I search the web, it seems like EVERY do-Jang has their own versions of the forms. I know there are two main TKD organizations, the ITF and WTF and I know we belong to the WTF camp(I think). But even considering that, there seems to be dozens and dozens of different versions of the forms that are studied / taught. Where do the ones we learn come from? Why are there so many different versions?

    My second question has to-do with the process of learning the forms. When I started at MIMA about 6 months ago, I spent most of my time just trying to learn the basic patterns and trying to figure out how-to execute the different kinds of kicks. As I have progressed, learning the patterns has gotten much easier and the some of the basic kicks don't baffle me so much now. But I know there must be more, I'm sure the forms have benefits and things to teach even as we progress in our studies. What else should we be thinking about and focusing on when learning the forms?


  • Thank you Kenny!  So, do you have any questions?  ;)  I'm glad you enjoyed it SBN's.

  • Jessie J Who you are

  • KSN - I think this is a great idea! 

  • This is a fun article!   what is this song?   "who you are", i'm going to have to find it---i love that question too.   What is your power song?   i'm going to have to think about that for myself.

  • This is great stuff KSN I can't wait to see what you post next.   BTW for those students who don't know Kyo Sa Nim means instructor and we are so happy to have her back :).

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