Kyo Sa Nim's Question Corner 2

love,icanread,ins,admire,inspire,self,expression-eb5db61949cc77a833a1e5a6e46f16c2_h.jpg?width=350During the past few weeks the words inspire/inspiration have been appearing in my life, more than usual.  So, I looked it up, the definition of inspire/inspiration, it is stimulation of the mind, feelings, influence to motivate, to affect or touch, to spark something special or unusual activity or creativity.
After looking up the definition, I proceeded to get lost in thoughts about amazing individuals who have inspired me and one particular individual, has been on my list for years.  She has seen me through good and bad, encouraged me, watched me grow and definitely has inspired me.  Hello SaBimNim Krista Wells!

1) SBN Wells,  how long have you been involved with martial arts and what inspired you to take your first lesson?

Gosh, I have been a full time "professional" martial artist for about 16 years now.   I love doing martial arts, and owning a school. It’s my dream job.

2)  What is your power song?

      I love to listen to music so this one was a hard one to answer for me,  but I guess if I were to pick just a few power songs it would be either “Yoshmi Battles the Pink Robots” by the Flaming lips or “All these things that I have done” by the Killers.


3)  What is your favorite book?

      Again like music I Iove to read so picking just one book would be hard.   My favorite author isKen Follett.  I love his historical fiction novels such as Pillars of the Earth and a World with Out End and his recent series about WWI and WWII.  When I was a teen my favorite series was The Clan of the Cave Bear Series by Jean Auel.  I think she is coming out with new one so I’m excited about that.

4)  What is your favorite activity about martial arts?

  Kicking, Kicking, Kicking :).   I also love that it’s an all over body workout, being a runner which is so lower body centric I love that what we teach gets both my arms and my legs while teaching such a wonderful and valuable skill such as self-defense.


5)  5 words that describe you?

     This is a funny question because prior to taking the "VIA Survey of Character Strengths"   which measures 24 Character Strengths,  (which is a really great test for anyone who wants to get a better understanding of themselves);  I would have described myself very differently.   Since taking the test I can really understand, and become aware of some of my true strengths.  Here is the link for anyone who is interested


    Industriousness is my top strength.  Which is so me because I love to get things done and quickly.  I find it so satisfying to complete a goal or a challenge.  Leadership is another one of my top strengths, and I would say that I pretty much picked the perfect job for that :),   Critical thinking and open mindedness, Curiosity and interest in the world are also some of my top strengths.  Ok this was way more than 5 words but there you go.  Maybe, one of my strengths should be long windedness, if that is even a word :).


6)  What keeps you motivated?

     It depends on the task but I would say that the main thing that keeps me motivated is the satisfaction of the work that I do with the kids and adults.


7)  Vivian wants to know what your favorite ice cream flavor?

      Chocolate chip cookie dough, if that isn’t available than vanilla is always a good one


8)  Aaron wants to know what you do outside of martial arts?

      I love to run, read, hang out with my dogs, cook for friends and family, swim, snowboard, sit outside on my deck :).


9)  Taiko wants to know how did you become the best martial artist?

      Well, first of all thanks Taiko for the wonderful compliment.   I am surrounded by the best people and martial artists.  I truly believe you are only as good as the the people you surround yourself with.

10)  Jido Amanda likes chocolate cake or cheese pizza what is your favorite food?

     Popcorn air popped with a little bit of butter and salt, but if I’m out of that then I will settle for Pop Sercrets Homestyle Mircowaved Popcorn.

11)  Who inspires you?

       Many people have inspired me throughout my life including my mom, and in regard to my training, Master Strongheart.  However, on a daily basis I would say the students inspire me and keep me going. That spark in their eyes when they are learning something new, or just had a really great work out.  


Thank you for your time and everything that you do. John Quincy Adams once said, If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more.  You are a leader.  Master Wells, you are a wonderful leader, not only that, but a great teacher and friend.

Please email me with any questions and remember BE RESPECTFUL, BE POSTIVE AND KEEP KICKING

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  • Awesome interview KSN. Cookie dough ice cream...yummy, I remember when that was first invented and hit the market!!!!

  • Ok, listening to the songs!  "she's a blackbelt, in kaaraate".   All I know, is Master Wells is one of my living heroes.  and she does have far more than a full measure of soul.   KSN, I love what you are doing with your blog posts.   Thanks so much for inspiring me, as you do so many others as well.

  • What an awesome interview! Master Wells is an incredible leader and teacher! P.S. I too enjoy cookie dough icecream!
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