How martial arts gets me through my week....

I have what can be a very exhausting job. I spend much of my time as a palliative medicine physician helping the sickest patients cope with their illnesses, support their families through their illness, and balance the delicate line between hope and reality. I see a lot of patients transition though the last days of their lives. I see reconciliations, lives well lived, peace; I also see mourning of lost time, regrets of things not done, and fear of the unknown. All of these things give me perspective, they reward me, they are at the core of why I went in to medicine. But these things also leave me tired, and constantly working to strike balances in my own life.

This is where martial arts comes in. I started martial arts training because I thought participating would be more fun than just watching while Kaleb was in class. It was really for no other better thought out reason. What I couldn't have known when I started was just how much this would become part of keeping me whole. The physical exertion is challenging, and it is an amazing release of the stressors of the day. The ability to focus my mind, to focus my body, and to do so in an environment that is fun and rewarding has become vital to restoring me during the week. All of this, AND an environment that I get to share with my son and that supports the values that I hold dear. The best medicine for my week is martial arts....maybe you need a prescription for it too! =)

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  • Well put, I feel so much more grounded after a challenging martial arts workout.

    I too started martial arts because it seemed more fun than just watching while Isaac was in class, but it has become so much more. Now I feel that MIMA is my extended family and we all work together with common values and goals. I am thankful that Isaac has such a positive environment that strengthens his body, challenges his mind, and nurtures his spirit.

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