How About a Giving Someone Something Extraordinary?

How about give someone an extraordinary experience with us?

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Everyday we will put our uniforms on, we plan, we train, and ready ourselves in order to give everyone who comes in to our school, something extraordinary.

Sometimes that is being there to motivate to get on that mat again, to move, to kick, to try something new.   And each day things get a little better, faster, more flexible, stronger.   Becoming more confident.  The kind of confidence that comes from actual achievement, of setting one's mind to doing something, and then doing it.

Check out a video of this family's extraordinary experience.

That particular kick, or that motion, or to show up, or to stick with it, or to stand up in front of someone and perform, trying the thing that is hard, that is new, that isn't familiar.   And to achieve it.   And that kind of confidence, self respect, and frankly, pride in accomplishment that comes from a true experience of transcendence and accomplishment of what was only a hesitant hope.   

Click here to check out an article from a Black Belt Grandmother's extraordinary experience.

Its that kind of confidence ---and that kind of achievement, we suit up to help each, and everyone to experience.   

(if you want to hear more about the experience directly from other students, and parents, click here)

So here's the Great Gift Idea:

$49 dollars, One month of extraordinary lessons, Uniform, and padded practice Nunchucks all wrapped up for you in a gift box.

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Also -- a super cool bonus:  For every gift box sold, we will donate a month of lessons to Treehouse for foster kids. Our goal is to donate 12 months of lessons.

Here are some of the goals people work toward with us:

1.  Athletics/fitness:   More than the valuable skills of Korean martial arts --   we teach yoga, flexibility, parkour, tricking, and build all round speed, agility, and strength through our classes, games, and activities.   

Here is a story of extraordinary physical transformation.

Get Your Gift Box Here

2.  Scholarship:   We build a positive system to reinforce the importance of education, life long education for kids, and adults.   In addition to teaching homework and study skills, we encourage and reward learning.  Learning about leadership, focus, dealing with test anxiety, positive social behaviors at schools, bully prevention, tolerance training, and creativity.

3.  Community Leadership:   We believe that as martial artists we are called to a higher level of responsibility in terms of contribution in our communities.   We teach how to take leadership roles, and work to make changes we want to see in the world.  Students explore topics of interest, and participate in service that is meaningful to them, and impactful to the community.   

Hero Imagination Project:   With HIP, we will be able to expand the curriculum and skills and awareness students will need to begin to translate their ambitions into reality. We believe that each of us possesses the ability to grow and to create meaningful and lasting change; a mindset that encourages our willingness to act on behalf of others or in the defense fairness and equality.  This program gives an expansion of this work ---  lead by Phil Zimbardo Ph.D.  this project opens doors to our imagination and the creativity that we bring to our work with students.

We are here to help you do something extraordinary!

You can buy it online here.   or call us at 206 230-9050,  or email us at

By the way:  No Pressure :  if your gift recipient enjoys the time with us and wants to continue, well that is fantastic.   If not -- no worries -- it will have been great to given them a month of extraordinary lessons, and we will part as friends.  

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