Five for Friday

100608_five_things_think_kranz_lg.jpgThis week lets talk about next week.   What five things are you going to get done.   The five things you will get done, regardless of all those things that come up, the phone ringing, the seemingly urgent, yet unimportant.  

five things.  

I'll get us started in the notes below.   Have a happy Friday, and a fantastic weekend!

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MeLisa Turcott Strongheart is a Master Instructor and owner at Mercer Island Martial Arts. She is a 7th Dan Master Instructor. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Mental Health Counseling. She brings these two areas of specialization to her work with families, children, teens, and in designing curriculum.

Master Strongheart emphasizes and has taught thousands of students the value and power of respect. Respect for oneself, others, and the community.

(MIMA), located on Mercer Island between Bellevue and Seattle in Washington is celebrating 24 years on the island in 2021. MIMA's curriculum is intentionally designed to build fitness, flexibility, self-defense, as well as to create a milieu that engenders physical and psychological growth, respect, courage, community activism and leadership.

MIMA has programs for families to practice side by side, as well as adult, teen, and children's classes. Also offers before and after school, and summer camp programs for kids.

You can contact through email:; calling 206 230-9050.

The school is located at:
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  • 1. laugh hard

    2. eat healthy

    3.  spend sometime outdoors

    4.  don't stress the small stuff

    5.  have some fun

    i like your five for friday

  • 1.  At least 2 leafy green veggies servings per day

    2.  Work out at least 5 days this week.

    3.  Do at least one lifting workout (these are difficult for me because I'm a cardio junkie)
    4.  Complete some work on my house

    5. Maintain a positive outlook despite what life throws at me this week

  • 1.   will complete 3 AM high intensity cardios

    2.  will complete 3 PM high intensity cardios

    3.  will lift 2 times

    4.   will do 4 Taekwondo workouts

    5.  do my body composition, report on it.   and start my next 7 week cycle on the Incredible Shrinking Master Project.

    6-- have as much fun as possible.

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