1. What are my goals upon having reached black belt for my future training and learning?

One of my goals is to learn the black belt form for training and to be a bit faster. I want to learn how to be more respectful then I already am and be more of a leader.

2. What kind of a black belt will I be?

I will be a respectful, strong black belt. I will be a leader as much as I can and will be kind and caring to other students.

3. Recommendation from two people

" I recommend Pearl because she is a strong, smart,individual leader, therefore I think she would make a good black belt" - Alexa Smith

 " I recommend Pearl as a black belt belt because, she has true intensity when it comes to tae kwon do. She doesn't like violence but she still has a true passion for self defense. She would be a great black belt because she would hold the honor and integrity of the sport to the highest level. She can also kick really hard, ouch!"


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