Community Service Project for Black Belt

Leadership project.

For my hours as a community leader, I spent time working at the Rainier Valley Food Bank. My school, PSCS organized the project. Along with one teacher, we took a bus from the International District to the food bank. I spent most of the time unloading shipments of food that got delivered and putting everything away so it could be handed out later. The part that I really enjoyed was when I got to hand out the food (cans, produce etc.) to people. There is something really nice about handing food to people that need it. I would say that it was a much better experience because of the people that I met working and volunteering there. They are all amazing people with different experiences. I would highly recommend volunteering at a food bank if you can and I would also recommend going through a food bank simulation. What I mean by that is, you get a fake name and description. So, I got stickers for the amount and types of food that was allowed me. After going through the simulation, we talked about the experience, how we felt, if we had enough food for the week, and how the experience could be improved. The goal of this is to make the experience of entering a food bank, the best it can be.

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