community project wrapping gifts

    _vector-ribbons-preview2-by-dragonart.png?w=495&h=299 Sitting around in the center of Northgate Mall, ready to wrap gifts for the Cancer Children Careline. Although people were not coming, as anticipated by the organizer, at this early season. But, our presence drawed peoples attention to our little booth. I took out an ribbon and started pulling the flaps soon making a pretty blue flower. I pulled out a cell phone and checked the time, 5:30PM,yay. Just 3 and a 1/2 hours to go! As the clock ticks away I pass the time by going on the Kindle Fire, making ribbons and looking around the mall. A man from a store came and asked us about the packages because apparently everyone who bought something from that store wanted the gifts to be wrapped! He said that in the future he would send the customers here to get it wrapped!Finally it was 9:00PM my mom and I packed up the wrapping paper, counted the money, brought some stuff from the table down,and finally called security. We looked at the note the organizer wanted us to follow and checked the number to make sure. It turns out we needed an escort to get to the office and that means security! We follow thesecurity guard in through some doors that say V.I.P. lounge! We follow him up an elevator and lead us to a small office with a safe with 2 locks, a little compartment to put money in and a knob for turning the compartment. I put the $50 in the compartment and turn the knob, Ker-thunk! Its done! Soon I walk back to the car smiling and thinking about how since we were there lots of people were going to save children with cancer! Yay!  

       Please go to Northgate mall and get your gifts wrapped there to help save children with cancer! Thank You! ;<) note this is not an advertisement!


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  • Outstanding work Jido Ena. You inspire me!

  • Where did you do this project?   sounds like a great idea.

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