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As I walked in to the food packing building i saw the most amazing things. Big machines with waxed beans pouring out of them, people from the community packing all around. A few people were tying up the bags, some people were runners carrying bags of food to tying stations. I've never seen so many people in one room all working together. Well, it's for a good cause. we were all packing up food for the needy. Every one was playing their part. i chose to be a runner, all I did was bring bags of beans to a round spinning table for people to pack up. Sounds pretty easy right? Not! Carrying 5 bags a time is not easy, plus I had to go super fast because there weren't very many runners but a lot of packers so, yeah. After we had break time, after I had gotten out I felt like i needed to get back in there and run around some more with bags of beans. So I went back in and I didi my job but soon it was time to go home. in the parking lot i felt good. I guess more satisfied, refreshed? Weird, I'm so incredibly tired that I could just fall asleep in the packing lot and hungry that i could eat a bear. But why did I have this surge of happiness. I didnt really know that helping people can feel this pleasing. Sure I love to help people and i always feel really happy about it but I've never felt this good. Skipping back happily to the car I think helping people really pays off in the end.     


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Comment by MeLisa Turcott Strongheart on December 6, 2013 at 12:18pm

Really well done --  you described the project so well, and I am so happy that you had such a great experience.  Way to go Pearl.

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