Cameron's Community Service

3820640853?profile=originalLast week I (Cameron) helped out with the Japanese cultural center benefit luncheon. It was at the Westin in Seattle. I spent lots of my extra time making the origamis. I did this because I wanted to help Japan's tsunami relief. Some of the pieces sold for thirty dollors. I made 37 origami's to donate. Igot to miss part of school for this. At the registration table I demonstrated my origamis there. There were a lot of people watching me. All of a sudden there was a lady out of the crowd that got a basket and collected money for me. When it was time to eat in the other room, I saw salmon. When my mom and I got seated I was so hungry for the food. When I finished my salmon, a person on the microphone said "Thank Cameron for his origami." Then that person said, "Cameron please stand up" so I stood up. I could not see any one and everyone could not see me. Then they told me to stand on my chair. When I was up standing on my chair I felt very scared but I felt a sensation that I was happy. I felt great that I have helped out the cummunity.



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  • Cameron, your an amazing Black Belt on and off the Dojang floor. Kuddo's!!!

  • Great job, Cameron.  You are very talented and your effort is inspiring.

  • Very nice! Good cause too.
  • that huge star one really blows me away.  

  • Cameron - That is a really great thing you did to help out the tsunami relief effort.  And that pile of origamis is AMAZING! 

  • Impressive work Cameron!   I have two of your origami's on my desk right now.   I play with the star one while I think about things, like what we will do in class that will be fun.   You continue to show what a black belt attitude, and action is all about.   Keep it up:)

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