Cameron's Heroes for Martial Arts

1 One hero is Master Strongheart because she has taught me from defense to sparing.  She gives me nice encouragement, trust, and respect since the first day of martial arts.  Also she is very enthusiastic.  Thank you Master Strongheart for everything that you taught me through out my life.

2 My next hero is my mom because my mom is very nice, thoughtful, and respectful to everyone.  Even if she is tired when she gets home from work she still has energy to take me to martial arts with no complaints. Then when she gets home with me she still has the35809-clip-art-graphic-of-a-sky-blue-family-hugging-by-jester-arts.jpg effort to make dinner for the family. I love you Mom.   

3 The next hero is Katie (my sister) because she hangs out with me sometimes. She taught me reading over the summer and she is always happy and just fun to be around.  She helps me with clarinet and she plays songs with me.  Thank You Katie!

4  My fourth hero is my dad.  My dad is very loving, funny, and caring.  The thing that I like about my dad is that he is strict.  I like it when he plays basketball and golf with me.

5  My fifth hero is my grandma. My grandma makes the very best food for my family when we come visit her in Oregon. She also has a green thumb. Also at restaurants she fights for the bill ( which is the Chinese way).

3820638780?profile=original6  My sixth hero is Michael from martial arts because he has been a friend of mine.  He had a very fun personality because it's strange how he use to jump out at me and say this funny and weird thing.  He also told me that he was going to leave to Boston soon so I was sad.  He changed my life forever. 

7   My seventh hero is my teacher, Mrs. Belcher.  Mrs. Belcher has been very nice to everyone and she teaches subjects like math, writing, and reading and more. She makes subjects fun and interesting.

8  My last hero is Dennis Armstrong because he was in good moods, happy, nice, friendly and3820635868?profile=original more.  He was at my board breaking also. He complemented lots of kids and he was there on Saturdays to help me and other kids out. 

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  • Well done soon to be Cho gyo nim Cameron :)   and thanks so much for your kind words to me.   A real gift.
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