For the next several weeks we will be discussing the importance of building one's confidence.  In this    week's lesson we will focus on "Engaging in Positive Self-Talk"
Be your own success coach.  Don't allow yourself to be over come be negative self-talk, fight back by talking to yourself in a way that boots your self-confidence.   I can do it! I will learn from this!!
Students will receive a small copy of this card to bring home and discuss with their family.   We are hoping that discussions around positive self talk at work, school, home can be explored.   Once the student discusses with family, have a parent sign the back.   The students will receive an orange tip on their belt when they turn it in.
High belts need 4 orange tips, in addition to their other requirements, to be qualified to test in Jan.

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Comment by Tom Callos on December 7, 2012 at 8:09pm

I like

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