Black belt essay questions

1. My goals upon having reached black belt for my future learning, are to learn better leadership skills. I began coming when I was 7, and since then I have learned much better leadership skills since. I have learned a lot, but other people have helped me much more than I have helped others, because of their wonderful leadership skills, and those people have made a mark in my life. I also hope to get better at flexibility I mostly achieve my kicks at the right night, but sometimes when I am sparing I can’t reach an optimal hight for the kick. My last goal is to learn as much as I can, and to make a better impact in newer students, because many black belts made a huge impact on me when I started, and encouraged me every step of the way.
2. I will be the kind of black belt, that makes a difference in children’s lives. I remember black belts that aren’t even attending classes anymore, or haven’t in a few years, and they have impacted my life. The black belts, and other leaders who are still here of course still make a difference in my life, every time I go to classes. Ever since the day I started I wanted to become a black belt, and earn it because I thought that the people who had black belts, had special manic powers to inspire, teach, and be confident, but they have all thought me how to be those things. It isn’t the black belt around their waist, it is the person inside that madders. I want to be able to make kids think that the belt has powers, and for me to help them realize that they have confidence, and inspire.

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