Annual Gratitude Challenge

Mercer Island Martial Arts utilizes the latest research in areas such as positive psychology and exercise physiology to create a martial arts program that is both modern and mixed with martial arts traditions. Here is just one of the many activities that we are currently doing with our students along with a short description of what positive psychology is.

Positive Psychology:  A refreshing change occurring in this field is positive psychology. “Positive psychology is an umbrella term for the study of positive emotions, positive character traits, and enabling institutions” (Seligman et al., American Psychologist, 2005).

Six virtues established by positive psychology are: wisdom and knowledge, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence. These virtues are not new. In his utopian work The Republic, Plato explored how man could best obtain wisdom and how a just soul paralleled a just society.

Research indicates that doing exercises such as the one below can bring greater levels of life happiness.

Gratitude Letter or Video

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling of thanks that, when expressed, brings positive emotions to both initiator and recipient. To experience this for yourself, pick someone who has been kind and helpful to you, but has not heard your personal expression of thanks.

• Write a gratitude letter to the person you pick, expressing your gratitude and why you are grateful in specific and concrete terms.

  • OR make a gratitude video for the person, expressing why you are grateful in specific ways for them. 
  • If at all possible, deliver it personally and ask the person to read the letter in your presence.  Post a video on youtube or on our webpage (under 3 minutes long)
    • Send a link to the video to:• or turn in a copy of the letter before your next belt test
  • Do a month of Journalling see attached sheet and break a board and get a tip on your belt
    Please contact us if you have any more questions, Have fun! Thank You 고맙습니다 
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