A Bright and Shiny New Belt?

    3820637257?profile=original So lately there have been a few projects for the younger students that focus on their future goals...such as making Black Belt.  Also, talking to people that are getting close to that goal has been kinda ramping me up for my next step.  Sometimes it's still surreal for to look down and see that black belt tied on my waist.  Its been almost 2years, but the novelty of this particular achievement hasn't worn off! 

     As some of you may or may not know, TaeKwonDo isn't the martial art that I initially earned my black in.  It's another Korean art called Tuek Gong Moo Sul.  I had a lot of fun learning it, and I still try to remember some of the skills learned through it, but ultimately, time is winning the battle and I'm slowly forgetting things.  However, I comfort myself in knowing that I'm learning new information to replace the old.  I'm fortunate that I get to practice a little everyday to help cement the new skills in my mind and body, but I realize there is quite a bit of ground I need to cover before I can entertain the thought of testing for 2nd dan.  Sparring, board breaking, memorizing all of the middle and high belt chun kals, plus the black belt ones....there's a good bit of stuff to cram in.

     So how do I, or you, reach a goal that is so far off and with so much information to learn?  Small chunks.  Taking the info as it comes, trying my best to commit it to memory, picking little tips up as I go.  Not getting frustrated with the details or nit picking, but rather keeping my eye on the larger scheme of things, keeping the larger picture in mind. 

     I can do it....I will do it

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