A breif overview of Tae Kwon Do Sparring Rules

200px-TaekwondoPictogram2012.jpgWe have recently had some questions about the sparring rules so I thought that I would quickly go over them. 

Here’s the basic rules:

 You can kick with any part of your foot below your ankle
 Only punching with a clenched fist and kicking are allowed in sparring.  No other techniques are allowed.  That means no sweeps, no mixed martial arts etc.
You can kick to two places.  Your opponent’s chest protector (hogu) or head
You can punch your opponent's chest protector only.  No punches allowed to the head or face
You can’t kick or punch your opponent’s spine or below the chest protector

Scoring points

 You get one point for a basic attack to your opponent’s chest protector, for example an arc kick
You get two points for a kick to your opponent’s chest protector that involves a spinning kick. Including a spinning back kick
You get 3 points for a kick to your opponent’s head.
Punches may also score points, however they have to be fairly powerful and are typically used to set up a kick .
To score a point the kicks need to be accurate so for example if someone blocks your kick or if you don’t make nice contact with your opponent’s chest guard then it won’t typically be counted as a point.

The following is not allowed in Tae Kwon Do Sparring
Stepping outside of your ring
Turning your back on your opponent
Intentionally falling down
Avoiding a match
Grabbing or holding your opponent
Attacking below the waist
Attacking the knee
Faking an injury
Hitting your opponent in the face with your hand

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  • Don't forget black belt classes start this month on 1st and 2nd thursdays.   We will train on how to referee, and score, Olympic style Taekwondo.  :)

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