5 living heroes

Black belt 5 living heroes:


  1.   Dr. Ai Fen–  Ai Fen immediately reported Covid to the hospital's public health department and hospital infection department, and forwarded it to the department's doctor's WeChat group. In the afternoon of the same day, the test report was posted by Li Wenliang, an ophthalmologist and "whistleblower" of the hospital, in the WeChat group of classmates, and was widely forwarded. She is the first person to announce Covid case in China. She is a hero who is telling the truth.
  2.   Master Sun Jia Qi– He was my initial Martial Arts teacher when I was in China. He used to be a narcotics soldier and was shot twice during a narcotics mission. Although he was injured, he still successfully completed the anti-drug mission. He became my martial arts teacher after he was discharged. He was a narcotics hero.
  3.   My grandmother–My grandma was an amazing hero, my grandpa died when my father was thirteen. At the time, my father also had an older brother and an older sister, and because of the death of my grandfather, my grandmother had to raise three children on her own. At that time my grandmother worked three jobs at the same time to raise my father, uncle, and aunt. Because my grandma was so overworked when she was young, she is now blind. Although she can't see anything now, we will take good care of her. she is a real hero
  4.   My father – He had poor academic performance since he was a child. When he was thirteen, my grandfather died suddenly. He also had an older brother and an older sister. My grandmother had to take care of three children by herself. My grandma worked very hard every day, and my father realized that he must work hard and study hard. In this way, he has been constantly studying and working hard. He finally brought our whole family to America after such hard years so I don't have to suffer as much as he did when he was a kid. He must have been very tired from all these years of ordeal, and I am very grateful to my father
  5. My mother– It can be said that my mother is the person that love me the most in the whole world. I still remember when I went to school in China before I came to the US, the schools in China were like prisons and there was no free time at all. My mother was very tired after getting off work every day, but she still needed to cook for me, tutoring Lots of homework. Although she is sometimes verbose, I fully understand that it is all for my own good. Whether I was sad or suffered many setbacks, she comforted and encouraged me every time. My mother is the biggest person who rang me, she is a great hero


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