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Both on line and in person

9089164877?profile=RESIZE_710xHey all,


Here is our classes schedule.  We are currently offering both in person and on line classes.  If you are new to us and are interested in our school please give us a call 206-230-9050 or email us at so we can set up a time for you to get started.  


Class Schedule Spring 2021 pdf.pdf

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There, be dragons :)

This week's theme is centered around dragons.  Dragon Breathing is what we are calling this particular challenge, which is a mindfulness and meditation practice.  Mindfulness, is a big part of our training in martial arts. And during stressful times, we want to be able to teach tools to our students that they can all access to build resilence, and peace of mind.  This one is so important.  We will cover how to practice and the ideas about our "dragoness" in classes.  We also encourage our adults

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My Living Heroes

  1. My mom (Nicole Dawson) - The person who knows me best. Whenever I need to talk to someone about what’s going through my head, she is always there for me. She has stood by me through the most challenging times in my life, which I will always be grateful for.
  2. My dad (Tim Dawson) - One of the hardest-working and most determined people I know. Full of advice. He has taught me many important life lessons over the years.
  3. Greta Thunberg - I greatly admire her willingness to speak out against harmful envi
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New Class Schedule!!

Hello MIMA (Mercer Island Martial Arts) students!

The attached file is the new class schedule.  We have changed it slightly in response to what students have requested.  We have added more classes for children, and adults and teens are a little later in the day. 

We have been revamping the Dojang physical space, and systems, so we can offer a wider range of in-person training options.  Without question safety will continue to be our first and highest priority. All in-person options will be by ap

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Keeping Mindful and Grounded


About the Author:

MeLisa Turcott Strongheart is a Master Instructor and owner at Mercer Island Martial Arts.  She is a 7th Dan Master Instructor.  She also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology, Mental Health Counseling.   She brings these two areas of specialization to her work with families, children, teens, and in designing curriculum.   


Master Strongheart emphasizes and has taught thousands of students the value and power of respect.   Respect for oneself, other, and the community.   


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Pods and Zoom!

Thank you for being a part of this with us.  We are a small business that has been dedicated to serving the community for over 23 years and your support means everything to us.  We can not express how much we truly appreciate you, and we are looking forward to the next 23 years with you!
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My Heroes...

My ultimate role model and my superhero, is my DAD! He works hard everyday to ensure I have what I need to be successful. He loves me with all his heart and I hope he knows I love him too. He’s done so much to enrich and create an amazing life for me and my family. Thank you Dad! With that said, there are a few other people I look up to because they have also had a positive impact on my life. They have achieved great things by overcoming a HUGE obstacle, an obstacle I’m very familia

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My 5 Living Heroes

My living heroes are:

  1. Bentley, my trombone teacher, because he encourages me to go on and teaches me trombone.
  2. Jordan Morris because he shows me that you can do what you want no matter what.
  3. Bear Grylls because he shows me that no matter what situation you are in you can survive.
  4. My mom because she always builds me up.
  5. My dad because he is always spending time with me
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Black Belt Questions

My goal upon reaching black belt is to continue becoming higher belts. I also want to become better with my leadership skills, including being able to teach others. I want to learn more self-defense, especially sparring. I will use my training to help me with the stress of school.


I would like to be the person who always helps others whenever possible in or out of the dojang, like helping others with homework or a new form. I will always hope that people would see me as someone who goes the extr

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Black belt essay questions

1. My goals upon having reached black belt for my future learning, are to learn better leadership skills. I began coming when I was 7, and since then I have learned much better leadership skills since. I have learned a lot, but other people have helped me much more than I have helped others, because of their wonderful leadership skills, and those people have made a mark in my life. I also hope to get better at flexibility I mostly achieve my kicks at the right night, but sometimes when I am spar

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My 5 living hero’s

1. Ringo Starr: I consider Ringo Starr a hero because my family love to listen to the classic rock band the Beatles. I have grown up with the Beatles music and I idolize them as musicians and as people.
2. Mom: my mom is one of my biggest heroes because even when she is stressed at work an super busy, she still makes time for me. The other reason is I wouldn’t be anywhere close to black belt if it weren’t for her. The first time I came to the dojang was because she wanted me to try something new.

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Annual Gratitude Challenge

There are so many benefits to practicing gratitude please join us for our annual gratitude challenge:  

Mercer Island Martial Arts utilizes the latest research in areas such as positive psychology and exercise physiology to create a martial arts program that is both modern and mixed with martial arts traditions. Here is just one of the many activities that we are currently doing with our students along with a short description of what positive psychology is.

Positive Psychology

A refreshing chan

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2019 Mercer Island Martial Arts Annual Homework Challenge!

Objective:  To motivate students to develop a habit of getting their homework from school done, and to positively reinforce those who choose to pursue academic excellence. Good leaders are always learning, and building their knowledge base. Education is a lifetime pursuit.

How to Participate: Parents and their kids can register for the homework challenge by phone, email, or in person. Parents every time your child does his/her homework

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After School 2019/2020

We are really excited for next years After School Program here at MIMA.  Please check out some information about the program, and some changes that we have made to it.  

Pick up:  One of our amazing, certified instructors will pick up your child from their elementary school (currently available for Lakeridge, West Mercer, Island Park, and Northwood elementary schools) in our vans. This way your child will start their day with us in a positive and structured environment.

During the short ride to

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My Community Service Project

I chose to do an environmental project for my community service. To make the most tangible impact, I looked at local organizations. Ultimately, I chose to work with Mountains to Sound Greenway and pull blackberries.

I have done similar projects before, but this time, I attempted to recruit people from MIMA and the high school Green Team in advance. Unfortunately, no one from either group actually came, though I am not sure why.

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Hate, Nazis, and Curious Kids

Hate, Nazis, and Curious kids

Today when I came in to the dojang, the first thing I was presented with was that some of the kids were talking about “nazi” things, playing at shooting each other, and calling each other nazis.  What follows is a summary of what I discussed with the kids 3rd grade and older.  

So, I sat down with the kids, 3rd grade and older to discuss this in terms of appropriate behavior, language, and subject matter for the dojang.   With the bottom line, first and most import

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