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22nd Annual Homework Challenge,Food Drive and Party

2019 Mercer Island Martial Arts Annual Homework Challenge!

Objective:  To motivate students to develop a habit of getting their homework from school done, and to positively reinforce those who choose to pursue academic excellence. Good leaders are always learning, and building their knowledge base. Education is a lifetime pursuit.

How to Participate: Parents and their kids can register for the homework…


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After School 2019/2020

We are really excited for next years After School Program here at MIMA.  Please check out some information about the program, and some changes that we have made to it.  

Pick up:  One of our amazing, certified instructors will pick up your child from their elementary school (currently available for Lakeridge, West Mercer, Island Park, and Northwood elementary schools) in our vans. This way your child will start their day with us…


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Hate, Nazis, and Curious Kids

Hate, Nazis, and Curious kids

Today when I came in to the dojang, the first thing I was presented with was that some of the kids were talking about “nazi” things, playing at shooting each other, and calling each other nazis.  What follows is a summary of what I discussed with the kids 3rd grade and older.  

So, I sat down with the kids, 3rd…


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Per your request: Korean Terminology Sheet-- any other requests?

KoreanTerminologyPDF.pdf here is the pdf which will be easier to read:)…


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Uniform Etiquette

How to fold, and put on your uniform:

In martial arts -- there are traditions and rituals associated with the wearing, and tying of the belt and the uniform.  There are many reasons stated from different instructors, master’s and sensei about how these traditions have…


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Tia's Community Service and Project! Random Bags of Kindness

Random Bags of Kindness is something the kids and I have been doing for a while but have ramped up production for the black belt project.  We fill ziplock bags with items for homeless persons and keep them in the car to hand out to anyone who needs it. Usually they have water, food, socks,…


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Valentine Parents' Night Out!

Register at :

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BE AWESOME! Mid-Winter Break Camp 2019

Learn kicks, tricks, and combos!  A cool Demonstration Form, Trick Battles, and Kick Competition!  Also awesome character training:

Build AWESOME POWERS:  Be unique, stand out, show respect to self and others.  Build friendships, build confidence, and…


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Community Service Project

For my leadership project I spent a week in Oregon with my Youth Group doing various service projects. One being Project Transformation, a literacy program for at risk elementary school kids. During this project, we helped younger kids read a choice book. We would encourage them to sound out words themselves and participated in other activities that helped the kids focus and learn. In addition, w e cleaned books at The Children’s Book Bank; a place for donated books to be examined,…


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What kind of black belt will I be?

I hope to be the kind of black belt that someone of any rank can feel comfortable around. I know that when I first started, black belts looked intimidating and I was terrified of messing up in front of them. I want to be a black belt that makes others feel confident and strong. Encouraging them to not be afraid to reach their own goals. This way, they can continue practicing and pass along the advice and lessons they’ve learned on their journeys to others as well.

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Goals for Training and Learning as a Black Belt

Upon receiving my black belt, I would want to continue training to improve my flexibility, endurance, confidence, and focus. I would also want to become more precise in doing my forms and in sparring. Practicing Martial Arts has provided me with skills I never thought about seriously. Such as, knowing I can defend myself in an unwanted situation. Although it’s nice to feel safe, my main reason to keep practicing is because I simply enjoy it. Taking part in a physical activity is what I do to…


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My Living Heroes

Katherine Johnson is an African-American mathematician whose work as a “computer” at NASA resulted in the first U.S. manned space flights. “Computers” were women who performed calculations by hand with pencil and graph paper. This often took more than a week to complete and filled numerous notebooks with data and formulas. In 1962, Johnson did…


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Great Way to Spend MLK Day!

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Family Class More Than Fun!


Abstract (summary): Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is the most common condition in children worldwide. Families are often challenged by the condition and some are utilizing family Taekwondo as a tool to manage unwanted symptoms.

The purpose of this qualitative research study was…


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Check These Out! Board Breaking

These are videos from the last test!  Congratulations to all the Red belts, and Blackbelts who passed their tests in October 2018!

The videos can be found in the "video" area on this page.   Here is the link:…


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Pass this is excited for the halloween party this year

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Recomendation Letter - Simona Lioy

I believe Marcello is a good candidate for a black belt promotion because of his hard work, dedication, and respect for the art. One quality of his that I admire and especially stands out is his ability to make a commitment and stick to it. This journey has had its challenges but Marcello has persevered nonetheless.  I also…


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Recomendation Letter - Becky Haruyama

Dear Grandmaster Strongheart and Master Wells,

I am writing to you with the highest recommendation for Marcello Lioy’s advancement to the rank of black…


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