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Mercer Island Martial Arts is a whole system, intentionally designed with the most modern psychological principals, emphasizing the new field of positive psychology, along with the latest research in exercise methodology, and the ancient and most practical traditions of the martial arts

Students are fortified through the development of character, virtues, and habits of mind and body which have been proven to develop resilience, bolster deficits, and nurture the exceptional.  

Students are able to draw upon these assets when encountering the challenges of life and learning, and successfully negotiate the potential pitfalls of depression, anxiety, stress, or drug and alcohol abuse.  

These same assets vitalize, and nurture the extraordinary.  They embolden us to reach for the stars, and experience breathtaking achievement!

Together-- student, instructors, families, customize this process to attain the outcomes that meet your personal goals, and expectations.

We are located in downtown Mercer Island, across the street in the 77 Central Building it's the same building as Mo's Pizza.   We have been actively involved in training, and contributing to the Mercer Island and surrounding communities since 1997. 

We have a good deal of students from the Bellevue and Seattle area, as they can reach us on I-90 in about 10 minutes.  We also have many students from surrounding areas.   Some drive from as far as Lynnwood, and Kent to come to our school.   Once you have tried our program, you will understand why folks are willing to drive to get here. 

You want the right people to teach you the powerful skills to protect yourself, your family, and to build much more than muscle. 

Please contact us directly to find out more about our programs, and what we can do for you---    or   (206) 230-9050



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Remember that MIMA offers at least ONE FREE INTRO WORKOUT with no pressure or obligation to join - ever. In fact, we don’t even accept money on your intro visit so leave your checkbook at home! We want you to experience the workout, feel how different and better it is than anything else out there, meet our amazing instructors, masters, and staff, and then decide at your own convenience if our school is for you. 


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