Summer Camp



 Due to COVID-19 we have put a pause on our summer camp registrations.  In the mean time we do have an on line classroom and some limited in person options.  Please check back soon for summer camp updates or you can contact us at or call us (206) 230-9050.  



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Who is actually working with your kids?

Master Krista Wells--One of the owners of the school is the lead instructor in the mornings for camp.   Master Krista Wells, holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and is a trained Recreation Therapist as well as a 5th Degree Master Instructor.  She has spent years perfecting the martial arts routines, and she has had done extensive work with kids with disabilities and helps students be as successful as they can be.

click here for more information: Master Wells







Grand Master MeLisa Strongheart--One of the owners for the school is the lead instructor in the afternoons.  Master Strongheart, holds a Masters Degree in Psychology and was a counselor for children and families, she is also a 7th Degree Master Instructor and she uses her knowledge both as an instructor in the martial arts and as a counselor to help students become successful in pursuit of their goals.  

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Instructor Claudia Vlcek:  With over 20 years of training in Martial Arts, she holds a 3rd Dan Black Belt, and is great with the kids. 







Instructor Jessica Merly -- One of our most highly trained, creative, and gifted instructors.  She holds a 2nd Dan black belt, and brings so much enthusiasm to her work with the kids. In addition to being a fantastic Instructor, Jess is also a very talented artist and creates and teaches art to the kids during our camps and after school programs.  








Instructor Graham Smyth - Is a 2nd degree black belt instructor who who literally grew up in this program, and continues his training and his education.  He has nearly completed his college with his emphasis in the Liberal Arts.   He brings great passion, and love for the work every

day.   He is an outstanding role model, and hero to many of the kids in our programs.


They are assisted by many black belts, assistants, and staff.   



What are the hours of camp?

Camp goes from 9am-5pm (early drop off at 8:30am is available for an additional fee, late pick up is also available)




What does a typical day look like?

The kids have between 3-4 formal martial arts classes as well as learning valuable skills such as anti-bullying, anger management, leadership skills, sports, and community service.  They also do art lessons, and go outdoors to parks everyday.  Every Friday we end the week with a big celebration and party.  The camps are very structured, and a lot of fun.  Parents tell us they love that their kids are happy, and very tired.  A great way to get a introduction to martial arts or to get a leg up on your current martial arts training.


What is the youngest age that they can participate in summer camp?

The youngest age for camp is 5 years old.  If you are interested in having a younger child do martial arts we recommend that they try our Little Dragon program which starts at age 3.  We have counselor in training program available for teens.  




How do I register for camp?
Call us: 206-230-9050
Email us:

Text us:  206-823-2604