FAST Self Defense Courses

Welcome to FAST Defense, the most transformational journey into Conflict Resolution and Personal Protection you will ever experience!  FAST Defense has been designed by the countries top experts in the Personal Empowerment/Self Defense Industry. 


 This course is a scientifically developed program covering 3 crucial components for effective confidence and personal safety:


1.  Awareness Skills:  To detect and avoid the most common hostile situations found in everyday life.

2. Verbal De-Escalation Skills:  To talk down a hostile person, and assertive boundary setting should that person not cooperatively leave.

3. Physical Escape Techniques: Proven to work against attackers regardless of size or physical strength.  Students learn to transform their Fear into Power by safely practicing their skills full force against trained and padded mock assailants. 


Anyone can learn to handle virtually and conflict with confidence and control!  In this training you will gain:

  • Greater Confidence and Control in all facets of your life
  • A Powerful Voice:  Assertive communication skills to handle any situation at home, work, or play
  • Awareness of the common mistakes people make in everyday situations that often get them in trouble
  • FEAR INTO POWER!  To find and utilize the power of your fear, not be paralyzed by it
  • The power of your body:  Amazing experiential exercises where you access your infinite power within.

For more information on setting up your next workshop please contact us.  We can do workshops for small groups, corporations, real estate agents, schools, and more.



example of a fast self defense class

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  • I like the video.... All these lady's said they felt more confident and loved the class.
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