Transported After School

Mercer Island Martial Arts Transported After School:   A fun filled, exciting, structured, achievement oriented program, where kids build true self-confidence, friendships, and skills.
Now Enrolling for the 2022/2023 After School Program 
Summary of a day at MIMA's After-School Program

Pick up:  One of our amazing, staff will pick up your child from their elementary school (currently available for West Mercer, Island Park, Lakeridge, and Northwood elementary schools) in our vans. This way your child will start their day with us in a positive and structured environment.


During the short ride to Mercer Island Martial Arts, the kids will have the chance to process their day with the staff and to build friendships and bond with their peers, in a safe and fun space.  We want to know what is going on with the kids, how they are getting along with peers, teachers, and how their studies are progressing. 


Getting picked up at school also means that the kids will be spending about 40 -50  extra minutes in the program, rather than spending the time on the school buses, where kids have continued to express ongoing problems with bullying, and other negative behaviors.


Arrival/Transition:  Once the kids arrive at Mercer Island Martial Arts, they will practice mindfulness meditation, focusing on breathing, and becoming more grounded.  Meditation practice helps the kids change gears.  Transitions can be tough for anyone.  We teach them how to manage their energy, feelings, and minds. They will have initial and ongoing coaching, and over time they can practice these skills, at school, and home.


The kids then change into their uniforms, and can have snacks, and opt-in for high energy, skill-building activities, games, and physical challenges.


Class Time:  They will learn the most modern application of self-defense, anti-bullying, physical fitness, and endurance, along with the traditional curriculum, and practice of the martial arts.


The training is broken down into age, and experience levels, and is taught by a full complement of caring, trained, consistent, professional martial arts instructors — each who have trained and have practiced the martial arts, and instruction from 12-40 years. Kids receive 1:1 attention by these remarkable people.


Other Activities:  Our program is intentionally designed to be balanced, structured, and fun.  Each kid is unique, and some kids choose to do martial arts from the time that arrive until pick up time (between 5:30-6pm) while others choose from amongst other activities, which add to the physical curriculum such as art lessons, homework time, leadership/mentorship training, or supervised game time.  We get to know each student and design their time around their interests, goals, and strengths.  


What makes our program unique?

We have created an intentionally designed, social-emotional learning (SEL), after-school program.  The kids learn and practice mindfulness meditation, focus, athletics, have fun, and are immersed in an engaging, growth-oriented milieu.  All of our staff are full time, professional martial arts EDUCATORS.  We have been on the Island doing this work for over 20 years.  During that time we have been awarded the "Hometown Hero Award" from the city of Mercer Island, in addition to other accolades.  Our program is much more than kicking and punching. It is a memorable, life-enhancing, experience for your child.  Of course, our highest honor is when years later, our students come and tell us how our program, and the relationships with instructors, has impacted them so positively since going on to college, other careers, or adventures.


"I would recommend Mercer Island Martial Arts a thousand times!  It's the most positive place I could think to send my child" -Jennifer Muscatel, Parent



After School Program for Middle and High School Students

For our older students we want to foster an environment that is both challenging and fun. And environment where they can learn leadership and develop skills for future endeavors.

Leader: Anyone who holds her-or himself accountable for finding potential in people and processes.


Each student in the Leader in Training Program (eligible to students who are currently in Middle or High School, and enrolled in our after school program) will be trained on how to become an assistant instructor, and role model.


Leaders in Training (LIT) will learn and hold the responsibilities of a designated leader in the program. The highest standard of conduct, attitude and the practice of the philosophy taught at Mercer Island Martial Arts must be maintained.


This unique program helps to instill in young people the self-discipline and the motivation to be leaders and role models at MIMA, at school and in their communities.


We will guide LIT students in goal setting for personal growth, individual, 1:1, and group leadership skills. Role modeling proper behavior, attitude, and commitment are taught to the kids and are ingredients for success. One of our goals for the group is to find fresh, fun, ways to be positively engaged in the community and with each other.


Ample opportunity is provided for age-appropriate socialization and group activity. The Leader in Training Program has been built on the belief that a carefully designed balance of supervision and independence; responsibility and freedom; work and play; and activity and rest, are essential in helping young people grow and mature.


"Above all else, we ask that you show up, let yourself be seen, and be courageous, dare greatly with us." -Brene Brown