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1:  My first hero is President Obama.  He is my hero because he is the first African-American president.  Also, to become president, he had to have a good attitude, hope, and many other things that helped him become president such as brains,…
Jan 15, 2020
Nathan and Ethan Jackson commented on MeLisa Strongheart's blog post Five for Friday~! GOALS
"Nate J.'s Goals
1. Master Arirang on the recorder
2. Ride my bike for 20 miles over the summer
3. Go visit my cousins in Spokane
4. Try to RUN up a GIANT sand dune in Pacific City, Oregon (I've tried every summer and haven't been able to run the…"
May 16, 2012
Nathan and Ethan Jackson commented on joanne lee's blog post Cameron's Community Service
"Great job, Cameron.  You are very talented and your effort is inspiring."
Mar 20, 2012
Nathan and Ethan Jackson commented on Krista Wells's blog post 5 Word Friday: Favorite Places to Go on Mercer Island
"We like MIMA cause we LOVE martial arts, Sushi Joa (thanks to the Lee family), Mo's, Starbucks, and the parks (but only in good weather!).  Our mom likes QFC too!"
Mar 10, 2012