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  • Thanks for the birthday wish!

  • Hey, sorry I haven't been able to show up because of my knee injury, I also have been very busy with school

  • See you this evening! I'm excited!!

  • I am really enjoying the classes, it is fun that the entire family is now doing it! I see someone else posted this question, but I don't see the answer. Do you have a pointer to the vocabulary blog/wiki?  You also mentioned a "ettiquette explanation" - I'd love to review it.  




  • Master Strongheart...Mila will LOVE to know her list is making it on to your blog...I will let her know!

    Many thanks,


  • i knew that pal
  • Hi Melisa. Thanks for the heads up on the video for the pomse. I found it under the 'current adult poomse' title. One thing I was looking for was a list of vocabulary that we use. I'm slowly getting the counting but am having a hard time understanding what is said when we bow and when we finish for the session and throw our fist in the air.

  • Love hearing about the glow in the ark nunchuck night. Takes me back to the old demo team battles.
  • Hi Nancy--- it just means that then we can message each other directly. Hope you are enjoying our new web site. talk to yousoon
  • Not sure exactly how this works (being invited to be a friend) but hello!
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