1)  Dr. Anthony Azakie - When I was born, I had a heart defect called “Transposition of the Great Arteries” or TGA.  I was a blue baby and that I didn’t have enough oxygen.  When the doctor found out, they had to take me to the Children’s Hospital in San Francisco, California when I was 3 days old and Dr. Azakie was my pediatric surgeon who did an open heart surgery when I was 6 days old.  He saved my life and that’s why he’s one of my living hero.
2)  Nilda Rublica - My mom is always there for me and take care of me all the time.  She always make sure that I do my homework every day and that I’m okay at school and home. She also finds things that would help me find friends so I’ll be happy.  That’s one reason that I’m here at Martial Arts taking classes so I’ll have more confident and be more social so I’ll be okay now and in my future.  She also makes me feel better when I’m sick by just being there for me and make sure that I’m okay. 

3)  Kevin Cronic – My dad is always there for me just like my mom.  He makes sure that I’m having fun sometimes to balance my time.  He knows that I have to work on my homework every day during school week but he makes sure that I’m also having fun by taking me to parks and other fun places just to have some fun.  My dad helps me with my homework too because he’s a good writer when he needs to be and I know that I can always count on him whenever I need his help.  He also makes me laugh and just have fun when he plays with me.
4)  Dr. Dannette Glassy - My pediatrician is also my living hero because she takes care of me whenever I get sick. She also make sure that I’m update with every health check-up that I need in order for me to be healthy.
5)  Mr. Bruce Harrington - One of my favorite teachers in middle school is also one of my living hero.  He make sure that I’m okay by just talking to me and spend a little of his time.  He says hi and hello to me whenever I see him and makes me feel good that he’s always nice to me.  

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