2nd Dan Questions, Examples of Things that Motivate you Most

I find the motivation to come to class on any given day comes primarily from seeking greater discipline and control. So when I feel tired and might want to surf the web at home instead of coming in, there’s a reminder that getting up will lead to more long term benefits, including being able to get up easier the next time. Being able to know exactly where my limits are and how to train at full effort are skills I’ve learned in the dojo, and have aided me in life outside as well. Apart from personal improvement, training here is also motivated by the enjoyment of learning new combinations of kicks. I find a lot of what we do in class fun, which is a completely subjective measure, but makes it possible for me to continue to push myself. The last factor that seems important is to be living in the moment. With forty-five in a normal day’s class, there’s no time to be distracted by exterior worries, and so I can devote full attention to martial arts only.

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