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2nd Dan Questions, Examples of Things that Motivate you Most

I find the motivation to come to class on any given day comes primarily from seeking greater discipline and control. So when I feel tired and might want to surf the web at home instead of coming in, there’s a reminder that getting up will lead to more long term benefits, including being able to get up easier the next time. Being able to know exactly where my limits are and how to train at full effort are skills I’ve learned in the dojo, and have aided me in life outside as well. Apart from…


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2nd Dan Questions, Something I have learned since becoming a black belt

    Being a black belt has shown to me the difference between teaching and leading. When I first received the rank, the responsibilities of being a black belt seemed immense. I had this impression that as a leader in the group, I needed to know every form and every kick by heart. It took months of…


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Applying Tae Kwon Do in other schools

In the six years I’ve trained here at Mercer Island Martial Arts, going from my last year of elementary school, through middle school, and into greater half of high school, I have always found that the…


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2nd Dan Questions, Where I Could Have Done Better

Where I could have done better, and how I changed because of it?

    The first few weeks I assisted with teaching the children’s classes, I struggled to lead any group without constant help. Anything more complex than running forms would…


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Black Belt Hopes and Dreams

1. What are my goals upon having reached black belt for my future training and learning?

Well, as a black belt I will probably start focusing more on training the lower belts. However, I still hope to improve in technique and endurance, and learn the new forms and self defenses. If I pass, then I can also help the many deputy black belts reach their goals. In general, I will try and keep learning and helping others learn regardless of belt.

2. What kind of black belt…


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My Five Living Heroes

1. Parents! They have put up with me for so many years, and made sure I could work toward goals. Having them guide me toward productive uses of time has given me many skills that may prove to be useful. I can always rely on them to be honest and tell me how to improve.
2. My paternal grandparents were also a major influence on me growing up. Their sense of humor and fun can always make me smile; enjoying yourself is just another part of staying healthy.
3. Hannah…

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