Grand Master Strongheart

  • Grand Master MeLisa Turcott Stongheart is a 6th Degree Grand Master Instructor and black belt.  She is currently working toward her 7th Degree Certification and hopes to receive it in the late summer of 2017
  • Grand Master Strongheart is one of the Owners of Mercer Island Martial Arts (MIMA)
  • Grand Master has a M.A. in Psychology from Anitioch University

Grand Master Strongheart has been working as a counselor, self-defense instructor, and educator with kids, youth, and adults for over 20 years in the greater Seattle area.   Her practice has evolved as fusion of training in psychology with martial arts, and an entirely new program of self-defense, for the body and the mind. 

Here are some of her projects

Self Defense 

▪ Rape prevention training

▪ Safe Kids Project

▪ Abduction Prevention

Fire Safety and Escape

Black Belt Training

▪ Educational Achievement

▪ Experiential Leadership Project

Drug and Alcohol Abuse prevention

▪ Fitness

▪ Mindful Eating

▪ Positive Psychology

Peace Education 

▪ Conflict Resolution

▪ Respect & Tolerance training

▪  Anger management

 Bully Prevention

 Power of the Bystander

▪ Conscious consumption

▪  The Story of Stuff

▪  Environmental Awareness & Action

▪  Square foot Gardening

▪  Compassion Project

Community Action

▪ Oral History Video Project

▪  Living Heroes Project

▪ Emergency Preparedness

Communities that Care Board

Annual Food Drive

Community Demonstrations

▪ Self Defense and Safety training


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