Mercer Island After School

Mercer Island After School:   A fun filled, exciting, structured, achievement oriented program, where kids build true self-confidence, friendships, and skills.
Great times filled with these and more:
  • Mindfulness Meditation, and Breathing Training
  • Stress Relief, and Energy Release
  • Martial Arts
  • Arts -  drawing, color, and creation expression lessons
  • Parkour
  • Resistance, Strength, Cardio, Endurance
  • Bully Prevention, Bystander training
  • Hero In Training Program 
  • Yoga

Our after school program is designed for busy parents who are unable, or need a little break from the running around, to drive their children to their martial arts lesson.   The children get all of the benefits of our martial arts program, along with the extra benefit of more time spent training, and working with the staff here at the school.

 So, what does a typical day look like?

We have a bus stop from the MI school district at the corner of the DoJang, a staff member meets them there, and escorts the kids to the school. We have kids from Northwood Elementary, West Mercer, Island Park, Lakeridge, and Islander Middle School.

The kids start with meditation and focus lesson.  We believe that after school the kids need to refocus their minds, to “change gears” as it were, to marital arts, and the lesson ahead.  

Then depending on their belt level they will do one of two things; one if it is time for their class they will change into their uniform and head out to their martial arts class. 

If it is not time for their class they sit down with one of our staff members or our tutor who comes twice a week from the middle school, have a healthy snack (available for purchase), and begin work on their homework. 

If they do not have homework that day they may borrow a book, work on martial arts questions for their test on subjects such as the anti-bullying curriculum, writing about their living heroes, or doing an individually designed challenge assignment based upon that students individual goals and/or needs.

Once the prior group’s class is complete the two groups will switch places.  

Parents then may pick up their child as late as 6:00 pm.  

Children in our after school program typically attend 2-3x per week although it is not uncommon to find children who attend 5x per week.  Since they are at the school twice as long as our regular students they tend to test more frequently and excel in their martial arts training. 

To find out more about our after school program please contact us at 206-230-9050 or email

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